iOS Updates Have Been Slowing Down Your iPhone

Maybe you’ve noticed your iPhone running slowly after a new iOS update. It turns out that you weren’t the only one experiencing this. In fact when we examine Google Trends data, there are massive spikes by users searching the term “iphone slow” when Apple releases a new iPhone operating system. This has been the case since the second iPhone operating system update in 2008 and continued until the latest iOS 12 release.

But why would Apple intentionally decrease iPhone performance? The answer is simple; to sell a newer model of iPhone. These iOS updates all occur at the same exact time that a new iPhone model is released. This is not a huge discovery, in fact Apple was fined by Italy’s competition authority late in 2018 for decreasing the performance of older iPhones without transparency. This resulted in public backlash towards Apple which also explains why the most recent iOS 12 update did not coincide with such a significant increase in searches for “iphone slow”.

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