Creating an NBA news app with React.js and Firebase

This application gave me some practice creating multiple page web applications using React.js and dependencies such as react-dom-router. It was also a great opportunity to become familiar with authorized public and private routes. It implements login functionality that grants access to a dashboard for creating new articles using a text editor from the react-dash-wysiwyg. The database for the project was provided by Google’s Firebase as well as the hosting and storage for images. The platform proved easy to set up and deploy and may be useful for test builds or smaller applications.

I used this project as an opportunity to improve the organization of my React applications with high order components and using stateless components whenever possible. In addition, I maintained a GitHub repository and became more familiar with the desktop client. I made the app only designed for mobile view and it is not beautiful but it was a great project for practice.

The live project can be found here.

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